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Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby eyes!! - Same action, three different looks...

I really love my new actions, especially the Bright Eyes feature in them. Though this sweetie had wonderful eyes to start with, I added a little extra light to them, and I like the result very much! I used the same action on these next three photos, but edited them differently, to show that you can achieve different results everytime you edit a photo, even when using the same action.

This is the first one I did, I ran my Vintage Portrait action (romance) before converting it to b&w. I wanted the eyes to be bright, and I also wanted the softness this action provides.

On the second one, I ran the same action, and left the tones as they were. I added one texture from my Soulful set (Happy) in Soft Light mode, to keep the airy and light feel.

The third has a different feel to it. I used the same action again, Romance. This time I added two textures from the set (Soothing, and Carefree), but on Overlay and Darken mode, so the overall look is darker.
All this was to show, sometimes one action will provide you a lot of different editing possibilities!
Have fun playing with your photos!



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